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California Track Event Organizers

Track Event Calendar http://www.bratten.org/TrackDays/

Files below are in PDF format. Get free Adobe Reader here.

Track Advice for Beginners
Good info on what to expect at a High Performance Driving Event.

Track Checklist
A nice checklist on what to bring to your HPDE.

Tech Form
Sample safety checklist for your car.

HPDE Flag Guide
What those colorful flags mean when corner workers are waving them at you.

Trail Braking
A good article from Racecar Engineering regarding trail braking.

Driving Errors
Ten common high performance driving errors.

Technical Links
Got a useful site related to track driving? Please comment below and I’ll add it.

Stoptech Brake Tech
Almost all you need to know about car brakes.

Tire Rack Tire Tech
Great resource about tires.

Tire Size Calculator
Want to see if that 245 size tire will fit on your car?

Fuel Blending Calculator
How many gallons of 101 mixed with 91 will equal 95 octane?

AWD Dynamics
Neat write up about the beauty of all wheel drive.

Bob is the Oil Guy
“Educating you so you can make informed decisions about the life blood of your engine: motor oil.”

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