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Driving Pucker Moment

A “pucker moment” is the involuntary tightening of the sphincter when one escapes a close call to severe personal injury. You will most likely experience this yourself if you are a track driving enthusiast. I present to you JC Meynet’s pucker moment on Willow Springs International Raceway at Subiefest this past weekend.

Upright cracks, causing ball joint to separate, at the apex of turn 9 at Willow Springs Raceway. Approximate speed: 120mph. Going require a bit of work to the front end but could have been much worse.

I am glad he is alright and it could have been worse. I think he handled the situation very well. He kept his steering wheel straight and braked when he went off. This is commonly refered to as going “both feet in”, applying the clutch and brake pedal while keeping the steering wheel straight. That turn has claimed many lives from drivers who try to save it and “hero” it back on the track.

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