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K&N Filters Myth

I get annoyed about people believing in anything they read on the car forums (and any other internet source) without researching it for themselves. It is just plain lazy. An example of the laziness would be someone who would rather have the whole article copy/pasted from the link into the car forum thread instead of just clicking the link to read it. And some readers will read any information from a stranger as fact. A friend who is a car suspension engineer best described why he avoided online car forums, “It’s because everyone is an expert”.

Just to clarify, I am not paid by K&N to defend their products. People have to stop drinking the kool aid about K&N filters damaging MAFs (Mass Air Flow sensors) in cars. The main belief is that K&N air filters that use oil on their filter material will damage MAFs. I’ve used my K&N OEM filter for four years without any problems in my car. I drive it to work five days a week and do track events. No oil on my sensor and filtration is good.

I submit an oil analysis every year. My annual oil analysis is from 2006-2009 with my OEM size K&N panel filter. I clean it twice a year with the official cleaning kit and I follow the instructions. Silicon (filtering performance) readings are normal. The OEM size applications do not have much improvement over stock. I use it because it is better than tossing a paper filter into a landfill.


And here is a video of testing by K&N labs to dispel the myth:  


As you can see, they dunk the whole sensor in their oil and it does not permanently damage it! That is some extreme testing. You can read the link below on a theory on how this rumor got started. Ask yourself these questions. If their filters are killing MAFs and engines, why is the company still in business since 1988? Why do so many teams in track, drag, off road, drift, and motorcycle motorsports use their products? Just put the kool aid down and walk away.

Here is some more info on their site:

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