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NRG Hood Dampers Review

What’s a hood damper? It’s a pneumatic strut that props open your hood. Most high-end cars have these installed instead of the cheapo metal rod that you slide into a hole under the hood. I purchased a pair of NRG stainless steel hood dampers for my Subaru STi. It included all of the necessary hardware for install. The installation was quick and simple with basic hand tools. These have been installed in my car since February 2006 and they still function well.

The hood dampers have a lot of benefits. I can lift the hood past the half way mark and it can open the rest by itself (a real crowd pleaser). The pesky hood rod is no longer in the way when I’m wrenching under the hood. It gives the car a little class just like those European cars with hood dampers.

My favorite benefit is that it resists windy days. After a HPDE session, most track drivers like to pop their hoods to allow the engine to cool. I have seen a hood metal rod prop come out due to excessive vibration caused by the wind blowing on the hood. The rod came down between the fender and the hood. The hood and fender got bent slightly and the owner was unhappy. I have also heard of a hood prop coming out when a car was on the dyno and caused the same damage.

If you like to open your car’s hood often, get yourself some hood dampers.

NRG Innovations

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