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Instructor Fatality During HPDE

My condolences to Tom Norby’s family and friends. I have a lot of respect for any instructor that rides in a car on a race track with someone else at the wheel. It is their instruction and passion that gets more people into this sport.

If anyone has the accident report on what actually happened, please leave a comment.

Porsche Club of America-Carolinas Region wrote:

As you may have heard by now, there was an incident during our Driver’s Ed event yesterday (March 7, 2010) at Carolina Motorsports Park that resulted in a fatality. The vehicle in which Tom Norby was instructing went off track and impacted a tree. Fire/Rescue and EMT responded immediately, however Tom died of his injuries at the scene.

Tom was a Carolinas Region PCA member and served as a Driver’s Ed Instructor, having completed the PCA National Driver’s Education Instructor training. He was 58.

This is a difficult time for everyone, especially Tom’s family. Please keep Tom’s wife Paula and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

A visitation with the family will be held in Charlotte, NC at Harry and Bryant Co., 500 Providence Rd., on Wednesday, March 10, from 6 to 8 p.m. The memorial service will be held at Covenant Presbyterian Church, where he was a member, 1000 E. Morehead St., Charlotte, NC, on Thursday, March 11, at 4:30 p.m.

You can find more information here:



The car lost control after turn 9 between turns 9 & 10, not 8 & 9.
The car did not have a full cage, only a roll bar behind the seats.
The car travelled approx. 400 feet, over correcting twice before hitting the trees short of the barrier at the track cut-over.
It was a latteral impact into the passenger door which was pushed in more than a foot.
No tree limb entered the car, blunt force trauma was the COD.
There was a small fire, quickly extinguished by track personel.
And there was no evidence of any anti-freeze on the track.

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