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Streets of Willow Road Course – Rosamond, California

Homepage: http://www.willowspringsraceway.com

Address: 3500 75th Street West, Rosamond, CA 93560

Event Calendar: Willow Springs International Motorsports Event Calendar

Typical Event Price:  about $150
Likes:  Great track for beginners and still interesting for advanced drivers.
Dislikes:  Typically wears either the left or right side tires more than the other depending on direction.

The Track:
Streets of Willow (SoW) is a technical track with thirteen turns in the typical configuration. The typical configuration is with the full bowl and skidpad, SoW can be run in a clockwise and counter-clockwise direction. The track is 1.8 miles long. This track is ideal for beginners due to the low speed and that there is a lot of run off space for unintentional off road excursions. The highlights of this track are the chicane, the bowl, and the skidpad.

Tires tend to get more work on the right side (higher tire temperatures) when driving on this track counter-clockwise, vice versa clockwise. Best to rotate your tires at the middle of the day to balance out wear.

The only building near the track has “The Streets” painted on its side. There are stools (bar height) and tables spread out on the carpeted area of the building. Two restrooms are available inside. Air conditioning is turned on by a timer for the whole building. A track photography company has installed some LCD screens on the right wall to display the day’s photos. There is an electrical socket near the left entrance.

There is no shade in the pit area. Temperatures have been known to hit the 100’s. Some people bring pop-up shades to protect them from the sun in the summer. These tend to blow down when there is a lot of wind. There are some bleachers for spectators to view the track. A portable toilet is near one of the bleachers.

There is 110 (leaded) 100, and 91 octane available at the track. The pumps are self serve and accept Visa and Mastercard.

There are gas stations and fast food restaurants 5 miles from the track, right off the freeway exit. There is an onsite tire shop and gas station with race fuel. For lodging, the event organizer may have arranged discounts with the local hotels/motels.


Racing Lines:

Direction: Counterclockwise

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