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EBC Yellowstuff Brake Pads Review

Here’s a quick review of the EBC Yellowstuff Brake Pads I purchased. My brake setup is ATE Gold brake fluid, Goodridge stainless brake lines, EBC Redstuff pads and stock rotors in the rear, EBC Yellowstuff and DBA 4000 slotted rotors in front.

I did a track day at Buttonwillow (#13, CW) on June 3, 2007.  The brake pads were great in the morning while it was cooler weather. Good bite and good modulation with steady brake pedal pressure. I would say these feel about the same as the Ferodo DS2500 pads.

Then in the afternoon, the day got hot, about 95 degrees. After about 6 laps, I started having brake fade after long straights. I had a off on the straight (about 120 MPH) at the Sunset turn after the esses. Pedal was firm but I did not slow down enough to make the 90 degree left turn and just went off track in a straight line. I think brake ducts would of helped me there (my next mod).

I drove on the Yellowstuff for a week without any problems. Morning commute was about 70 degrees and return home about 80ish. I had slight squeaking during low speed braking (stop and go traffic jam).

When I removed the EBC Yellowstuff to swap in my street pads, the yellow paint on the pads was bubbled and could flake off because they got really hot on my track day. Rotor wear was acceptable and there was no deep grooving. Dusting was negligible. I consider these pads suitable for track and street for the beginner to intermediate driver.

Price paid: $120.74 with free shipping from http://www.buybrakes.com

  1. May 6, 2010 at 2:27 am

    What would you recommend as the most cost effective consumer brake pad? I am trying to get some feedback on which brands are best for a store. EBC is up there but really I think it comes down to what percent ceramic content they have. To be classified as ceramic you only need about 7% content and i’ve heard brembo is the way to go, if you have the money, for ceramics but don’t know the stats on the ebc. How do you think they’d compare? I’ve seen ebc a lot cheaper but have never bought a set yet.

    • May 6, 2010 at 5:57 pm

      For just street driving you probably could use their Ultimax line which are OEM equivalent. You can research on your own on their website: http://www.ebcbrakes.com. I just saw their new “Bluestuff” line and may try those out in the future.

  2. November 27, 2010 at 3:04 am

    Hi Guys, I ask you to read these tech notes on our brakes, Cheers

    This post has been made to highlight the massive improvements in EBC product quality for the faster car driver over recent years since EBC took over their Bristol manufacturing plant. YES all EBC pads are made in the UK !!! Read these guidelines to make sure you get the right pads for your car.

    Greenstuff – Fast street for lighter cars – AF44/35 (Not Impreza or EVO etc)on box end
    (base code E 344) Street Legal to R 90 regulations. Greenstuff is designed for cars up to 200 bhp and weights up to around 2 tons. For smaller hot hatches this new Green material is very impressive and bites hard from cold.

    Redstuff fast street (not a race or trackday pad ) – . For all sizes and weights of car.
    Latest compound code shows AF88/26 on box end (base code E 388) and is street legal to ECE R90 regulations. This is the latest compound of the Red family for fast street use with reduced (and easy to wash off dust) but not really for track use

    Yellowstuff fast street and trackday – code AF93/94 on box end (base code DM 1793) Street legal to ECE R 90 regulations. Just starting to come through Surface Scorched now which means these bed in FAST.(EBC toast the surface in a special infra red tunnel to take away the bed in fade and loss of track time bedding in new pads for you)

    If you buy a set and it doesnt say PRE BEDDED on the box end label, take 300-400 miles steady highway driving then start to hit them harder for 15 – 20 stops from 60 to 10-15 mph until you get them really hot and then let them cool overnight. DONT track them out of the box unless the box end label says PRE BEDDED OK ????. This is your fast street and occasional trackday pad. For all sizes and weights of car.

    New Bluestuff NDX Fastest Street,trackday and full race any car – AF66/16SC on box end, SC stands for SCORCHED or pre bedded. NOTE THIS IS AN ENTIRELEY NEW COMPOUND AND NEEDS TO BE SPECIFIED BY ADDING NDX AFTER THE PAD NUMBER. Make sure you don’t get shipped the OLD Blue which was purely track driving and much harder. Impreza and EVO pads may be street legal to the new ECE R 90 brake safety regulations in NDX Bluestuff shortly, meanwhile this grade is “Officially” for track use only although its bite from cold is fantastic and makes it perfectly safe for street use (USA Canada and rest of the world just use them and enjoy, these European Regulations don’t affect you at all). It needs to be said that almost ZERO race pads being sold at the current time carry R 90 approval anyway so EBC is no different here .At least EBC have DONE the safety tests and passed them, waiting for long winded paperwork plus, read the next part. This pad also DOES NOT REQUIRE TYPICAL RACE PAD WARMUP because of the pre bedding feature making them great for street driving where vehicles have to come to a complete stop (rather than some race pads which are just designed to scrub off speed in cornering) and a good pedal response from cold in traffic is important.

    Bluestuff NDX material is however quite DUSTY. It is designed for the guy who wants the best in braking and is not worried about the frills. Bluestuff NDX was recently in a shootout on scoobynet and beat every other pad used hands down. You can read that thread here.


    EBC has Time Attack cars and good drivers who have thrashed the New Bluestuff NDX around the Nurburgring and found it an amazing brake material and great value for money. Available for any quick car. Everything you need to know is right here


    This is a massive improvement in quality from the EBC factory and not to be ignored as the last remaining true independent

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